Human Resource Management Services

Human Resource Management (HRM) – the management of an organisation’s workforce – can directly impact on an organisation’s performance. It’s a broad field that encompasses recruitment, staff development, performance appraisal, workplace communication, staff well-being and leadership.

If an organisation’s strategies are inadequate or not implemented well, it can result in low morale, widening skill gaps, performance issues and increased staff turnover all of which impact on an organisation’s ability to achieve its goals. Skilled HR practitioners are strategic in the way they approach workforce development and manage the complex issues that arise on a daily basis. They can help manage communication processes, maintain staff morale and psychological well-being, and develop career patterns (including separation) before, during, and after organisational change. However, at times and particularly in small organisations, it can be difficult for HR practitioners to be expert in all aspects of HR management, or provide an objective viewpoint.

Dupont and Associates’ consultants can provide independent assessments; support for managers and staff; help de-escalate or resolve difficult situations; and provide more general assistance with intense peaks of work.

For further details please refer to the Information Sheet.HRM-Services